The Women’s Commission for Chess (WOM) is a part of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). It was formed to represent women’s interests in chess.

Our goals are:

- To promote chess for girls and women throughout all FIDE member nations

- To represent the interests of all women chess players

- To generate positive publicity and recognition for women in chess and women’s chess events

- To help increase certified female organizers, arbiters and coaches

- To support talented young female players as much as possible


  • C/O: Fed. USA Email: SusanPolgar@aol.com

    GM Susan POLGAR
    Chairperson, WOM

  • C/O: Fed. Ecuador Email: wgmmarthafierro@gmail.com , fierromartha@hotmail.com

    IM Martha FIERRO
    Chairperson, WOM

  • C/O: Fed. Australia Email: nastuk@hotmail.com

    Ms. Anastasia SOROKINA
    Secretary, WOM