Zhu Chen

zhu-chenZhu Chen (born March 13, 1976 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang) is a chess Grandmaster. In 2001, she became China’s second women’s world chess champion after Xie Jun, and China’s 13th Grandmaster.

In 1988 Zhu became the first Chinese player to win an international chess competition when she took gold at the World Youth Championship among girls U-12 in Romania. She repeated her success and became the World Champion in her age groups in 1994 and 1996 as well.

In 2002 at the age of 25 she defeated Russian player Alexandra Kosteniuk in the Women’s World Chess Championship and became the ninth World Champion among women. Zhu gave up the chance to defend her world title in Georgia in May 2004 due to a jammed schedule and her pregnancy. In 2000 Zhu married to Qatari Grandmaster Mohamad Al-Modiahki, and in 2006 she transferred to Qatar chess federation.

In 1998, 2000, 2002 she played for Chinese Olympiad team and became three-time Olympic champion.

Best results:

  • 1988.25 July-7 August,World Girls Under 12 Championship. 1st place - Romania
  • 1994.September,World Girls Junior Chess Championship. 1st place - Matinhos Brazil
  • 1994.1–15 December, the 15th World Women’s Olympiad team championship. 3rd place –Moscow Russia
  • 1996.14 September-2 October,The 16th World Women’s Olympiad team championship. 2nd place - Yerevan Armenia
  • 1996.9–22 November, World Girls Junior Chess Championship. 1st place - Medellin Colombia
  • 1997.15–26 May, Chinese National Men’s Individual Championship. 2nd place - Beijing China
  • 1998 29 September-12 October, The 17th World Women’s Olympiad team championship. 1st place - Russia
  • 2000.28 November – 12 December, The 18th World Women’s Olympiad team championship. 1st place - Istambul Turkey
  • 2001.27 November-13 December,World Women’s Individual Championship. 1st place - Moscow Russia
  • 2002.March. FIDE Grand Prix, Zhu was able to claim the win and knock Ruslan Ponomariov out of the tournament. This is possibly the only female player to ever beat the male world champion in any competitive sport. - Dubai U.A.E
  • 2002,World Women’s Olympiad team championship. 1st place - Slovenia
  • 2007.July, The North Urals Cup. 1st place - Krasnoturinsk Russia
  • 2007.November, Asian Indoor Games Women’s Individual Rapid Championship. 1st placeï¼›Asian Indoor Games Women’s Individual Blitz Championship. 2nd place –Macau
  • 2011.December,Arab Games Women’s Individual Chess Championship. 1st place; Arab Games Women’s Individual Rapid Chess Championship. 1st place;Arab Games Women’s Individual Blitz Chess Championship. 1st place - Doha Qatar